Javier Ortiz
  • Hi, I'm Javier.

    I'm a full-stack designer
    and Front-End web developer of beautiful and scalable digital experiences.

      • UX Research

        I research, sketch, wireframe, and conceptualize interfaces to prototype the flow of the site.

      • UI Design

        Then I create visuals, High-Fidelity comps, click-throughs, active prototypes, animations and interactions for it.

      • Front-End Dev

        To write the responsive code in HTML5, CSS3, and JS to bring my designs to life with PHP, MySQL or Wordpress as required.

      • Back-End Dev

        I configure servers, Amazon S3, databases and dabble in back-end technologies to ensure a smooth and scalable operation of sites.

  • AustraliaTopia


    Free educational multimedia guide for students, migrants, and visitors about Australia and its people, Australia's democratic beliefs and liberties and Australia's system of government.

      • Original Content

        Over 30 original videos created with Adobe After Effects including lesson content and introductions.

      • Copywriting

        Original content copywriting and storytelling for three chapters.

      • Voice Over

        The professional narration of videos, interactive questions, and user's feedback.

      • Multilanguage

        The website can be translated into multiple websites instantly.

      • Simple Design

        Fully responsive website with horizontal navigation, embed videos and responsive symmetric grid.

      • LMS

        Learning Management System fully compatible with SCORM libraries and packed with multimedia resources.

      • Downloadable

        Fully installable app for Mac and Windows.

      • Freemium

        Free version online and full version for paid users.

  • AustraliaTopia
  • Yarket
  • plus


    Yarket is a multinational scalable social platform built around five key post types: products, talents, digitals, experiences and requests.

    Coming soon

      • translate


        Available to users in 32 countries with automatic geolocation to display posts in local language and currency.

      • trending_up


        Fully scalable architecture with Amazon S3 CDN to store and display images for posts and profiles.

      • devices

        100% Responsive

        Web app fully responsive for tablets, smartphones and phablets.

      • my_location

        Geo Redirection

        Automatic target of visitors by country, state & city using IP geolocation technology.

      • devices


        Unlimited sellers and buyers with the ability to post products, services and files free and with subscription plans.

      • add_shopping_cart

        Multiple Payments

        Sellers payouts via Stripe Connect and orders payments via credit card, PayPal, virtual wallet, cash-on-delivery and bank transfer.

      • gavel


        Option to create auctions with starting price, duration and automatic bid steps for each post. Bids are accepted based on the order of submission.

      • star_half

        User Ratings

        Ability for sellers and buyers to provide feedback with star rating and text comment after each order is completed.

      • format_color_fill

        Advance Filters

        Live search with filters by keywords, category, tags, price, location and built-in color matching system to recognise the main color in an image.

      • filter_vintage


        Connects posts within a category using keywords in the post title and description. Users can follow specific interest.

      • chat

        Private Messages

        Private messages and private user's conversations with replies grouped together in a single thread available online and offline.

      • favorite

        Social Network

        Likes, reposts and comments with the ability for users to mention, follow or unfollow each other and receive instant notification.

      • explore

        Yarket Now

        Post your request and connect with people nearby ready to do it fo you. Shoppers, helpers and deliveries on-demand.

      • person_pin

        Real-Time Tracking

        Native iOS, Andriod app to track helpers in a map in real time with optimize navigation routes and dynamic ETA.


Yarketify is a freelance services marketplace to offer online services, local experiences, and requests.

  • Australia
  • Brasil
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
Premade Styles
  • Bagy


    Bagy is a web platform with its own native iOS/Android app to connect local residents with nearby personal assistants for deliveries, purchases, and assistance on real-time.

      • av_timer

        Live Tracking

        Live tracking of partners with real-time traffic navigation, routes and ETA.

      • phonelink_ring


        In-app and SMS notifications of new requests, updates and events.

      • group_work


        Smart engine to automatically allocate the request to the nearest available partner.

      • flip

        Geo Fence

        Virtual boundaries to allocate requests to agents in the area within the specified radius.

      • people

        One By One

        Sends the request to the partner with the nearest location until accepted.

      • bubble_chart

        Send To All

        Sends the request to all partners online and gets assigned to whoever accepts it first.

      • filter_tilt_shift

        Batch Wise

        Sends the request to the partner in batches based on distance, time or group size.

      • filter_center_focus

        Round Robin

        Sends the request to the partner online within a pre-defined radius.

      • hdr_weak


        Assigns the request to the partner based on availability and distance within a pre-defined radius.

      • face

        Biometric ID

        High end face detection and recognition technology to confirm partner's ID before going online.

      • bar_chart

        Dynamic Fees

        Customer fees and partner earnings are calculated per distance, fixed or increments of time.

      • attach_money


        Automated and scheduled payouts to partners directly to their bank accounts with Stripe Connect.

    • Bagy Back-End
  • TEE5 EditorTEE5
  • arrow



    E-commerce site with hybrid product designer tool and multilanguage support, photo effects, masks layers, pre-built templates, and online resources API.

      • Responsive

        Built with HTML, CSS and JS. TEE5 includes an online web app editor easy to use in any device.

      • Multilanguage

        Language switching with fully automated translations from the admin panel.

      • Multi-output

        Multiple exporting options for printing as PDF, SVG, JSON, PNG and sharing on social media.

      • Cart

        Integrated cart with attributes and diverse question types for multiple items and simple checkout.

      • QR Codes

        Instant QR code generator to embed in designs.

      • Calculator

        Variable prices based on colors, quantity, images or text.

      • Resources

        Seamlessly connects with online sources like unsplash, instagram or facebook to embed images into custom designs.

      • CMS

        Easy management of content, orders, languages, templates, cliparts. products and printing options.

  • Superbly


    Digital agency specialised in web performance and optimisation, customer relationship management, web design and social integrations for e-commerce startups and small to medium size businesses.

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  • Superbly
  • Givo


  • Mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks.



Experiments, animations and prototypes related to web development and programming.


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      Development or modification of websites

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    • What is a scalable website?

      A website, system or process is scalable if it has been designed with the capability to handle a growing amount of work, or has the potential to be enlarged to accommodate that growth. For example marketplaces or social platforms.

    • Do you do landing pages?

      Yes. A landing page is a single page to display your personal or business information, and I do a lot of them. Make your original, good-looking landing page, takes within 2-3 days from the initial consultation and the process is very easy and straightforward.

    • What is a private consultation block?

      It is a private conversation between us about your project via video call, phone or email. We'll go through all the options to find the one that suit your needs best.

    • What services do you offer?

      Remote and on-site consultation related to web design, app development, prototyping, system architecture, scalability, and branding. My expertise is the design and development of high-scale, multi-user, scalable platforms, however, I also help startups and small businesses with digital solutions to manage sales, stock, and clients.

    • Are you available for freelancing?

      Yes. But availability depends on your specific project. Please use the "Get in touch" option to contact me with more details about it.

    • What exactly is a Full-Stack designer?

      A Full-Stack designer is a person who has developed multiple skills that allow them to complete the design and development of projects through its entire lifecycle. From initial conception, wireframes, UI and visual designs to High-Fidelity prototypes and code ready for a production environment.

    • What are your design strenghts?

      I'm proficient in the use of Sketch and Adobe Experience Design CC (XD), Axure, invision, marbel, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Proficient in writing code from scratch to meet the needs of a project. Experienced in using web frameworks, Wordpress and web imagery including SVG animation. Knowledgeable in using CSS Preprocessors (SASS/LASS), CSS3 Animations and proficient in using vanilla JavaScript for website interactivity as well as jQuery and Angular.

    • What do you do in the Back-End?

      I'm proficient writing code in PHP with good knowledge in a wide range of libraries and frameworks, the architecture of logic flows and databases in MySQL. I use Git and BitBucket to track projects. Experienced in setting up servers for development, deployment and production environments.

    • What's your background and experience?

      I got over 12 years of experience in web design and development. I love building things up form the ground. I hold a degree in Information Technology (System Analysis and Design), Finance, Business and currently getting my MBA.

    • Have you received any mentions?

      My work has been featured on CSS Awards, One Page Love, Hongkiat, Smashing Magazine, Unmatched Style, CSS Design Awards, Most Inspired, Line25, Admire The Web, and some others web design related sites.